Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hidden "Advantage" of Being At Work...

I'm more productive when I have too many things to do. If I ever really want to be a writer for money, I need to learn how to structure my "free time" more effectively.

However, watching Oprah last night about a woman who was so busy that she forgot she locked her two year old daughter in the car all day at work (yes, the poor girl died of heatstroke and the woman lost her job and became a pariah in her own town) has made me reconsider the usefulness of being "productive" simply to be "productive." Surely we don't have to do so many things that the stress makes us commit tragic errors of absentmindedness. If Euripides were alive today, would his heroines die from the hubris of multi-tasking? How interesting would that be? Which god would intervene on our behalf?

Perhaps, instead of berating myself for failing to get everything done I feel I'm supposed to have accomplished by now, I should just enjoy the things I have.

(But that sounds a bit like mediocrity's motto; a banner celebrating our defeat. For now, I'll walk the line--neither resting on yet-unearned laurels nor neglecting the joys of present-moment living.)


  1. Interesting observation. I've heard from a few people that they're more productive when they have a deadline looming - personally, those are the times when I usually get the most cleaning done! - so I wonder if it's a matter of getting into the right frame of mind and then staying there.

    There must be a delicate balance out there, although it may take some experimentation to pinpiont. It sounds like you have the right attitude and motivation to find it, though!

  2. Hey monkey! FYI I read your bloggy intermittently, and really appreciate you sharing your adventures with us boring Americans.

    Huggles and love!

    PS: I just read that Euripides quote out loud to Adam. He loved it!

    PPS: I have a blog now!

  3. I agree with you. I feel the more I have on my plate, it forces me to prioritize and complete necessary tasks -- even the nitty gritty ones.

    I've learned though, in the past couple of years not to overload and seeking a good balance makes me a more content Sweetie. I can then better handle busier, turbulent times.



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