Friday, January 30, 2009

Why teach?

We finished up at the Palgong Training Center yesterday. While I'm happy I get to sleep again, I will definitely miss these idealistic teachers. Korea has a pretty bright future if they represent the direction this country is going.

Dear Diana,

Thank you for giving us a great time thinking about and learning writing. It was a short time, but your class reminded me of the pleasure of writing.

Your first warm up subject--"What is writing for you?"--was the most impressive one to me. I really like writing, but I've never thought about what writing means to me because I've never thought I am a (professional) writer.

But your warm-up question made me realize that I am also able to be, no, I am already, a writer. And I was happy writing my essays and introduction that I knew that you're gonna read my writing so carefully and make some comments. And it also [made me] realize again that it is the most attractive thing in writing -- there is someone who cares about my writing and is interested in my writing.

I hope I'll have a chance to share this happiness with my students. Thank you again for giving me (us) this great chance.

From, [name redacted]

Edited only for minor grammatical errors.

Maybe I done some good this time around. Just maybe.

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  1. I know this is why you teach, for moments like this. Nothing is better than this! All that work, all worthwhile....

    Love, Mom



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