Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Someone, I think it was Danielle, nominated me for this Korean Blog Award thing (Klog) over at the Hub of Sparkle. I've been nominated the category of "Happiest Korea Blogger, 2008." I'm not sure that's always appropriate, but I do feel happy most of the time, and I kind of like it that someone out there sees me that way.

Go right now and vote for me!

If you read other Korean blogs, you can vote for them, too. I think you can skip categories if you don't know any of the blogs.

Some of my other favorite Korea blogs are nominated as well, such as Ask a Korean, I Got Two Shoes, Big White Barbie Does Busan, and Chubbo Chubbington. (Some of my favorites were also passed over, such as dollop of solipsism, Chris in South Korea, and Amanda Takes Off... poo to that!)

I think what Rob is doing for Korean bloggers is a good idea. I know he's put a lot of work into it, and I want to thank him. However, if you read the comments post on the original nominations post, I agree with Melissa that the nominations are a bit... incestuous. But I am grateful for the opportunity to peruse some new reading material. If I find one I like, I'll let you know!


  1. I'm not in Korea anymore, so I'm not a Korean blogger. ㅠㅠ

    I do agree the noms are incestuous and I really think they need an "award" for "English Teacher Needs to Go Back to School."

  2. That's not an "award" so much as a "strong reccommendation," but I agree with you that it is needed for many. Simply a web literacy (covering things like internetiquette, grammar in cyberspace, blog design for readability, use of photos and multimedia, citing sources appropriately, etc.) class would help about 90% of them. Hell, I'd take a class like that just to brush up on tips and whatnot!

    You blog is about Korean culture. Neither Ask a Korean nor Stuff Korean Moms Like are living in Korea, but they were both nominated. And you blogged this year about an issue few other bloggers tackled well--repatriation.

  3. Ahh, but see, Ask a Korean and the Korean Moms person are both...Korean. Thus, they're in.

  4. Hi there. Thanks for the link.

    Hmm. "English Teacher Needs To Go Back To School" sound like a kind of mean category: I tried to avoid those (though "Angry Blogger" was inevitable, given the climate of the K-blogs, and could be justified as worth a chuckle, rather than just "likely to make a blogger cry and/or set their blog to 'private'"). The goal here was to celebrate the good stuff, not to chastise anyone. That happens enough in comment boards already.

    meanwhile...because I'm only one reader and can't spend all day, every day, reading blogs, in order to avoid becoming "incestuous," I did open the floor to nominations from anyone willing to take the time to send them in, and did my darnedest to include every blog nominated in one category or another, so if too few blogs, or all the same old blogs got nominated, then I encourage you to send in nominations next year. I mean, heck, bloggers were even allowed to nominate themselves, so if someone feels left out, all I can say is, "be on the ball and throw your hat in the ring, next time."

    Finally, the criteria for nomination was writing about Korea, not necessarily living in Korea -- if I knew of (or if someone had nominated) three or four blogs about repatriation, we could have made it a category.

    Anyway, congrats on the nomination, good luck in the voting, and have a great day!




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