Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year to ME!!!

Damn Seoul Uyu's Banana Milk. Dammit to hecks.

Let me explain.

This post was supposed to be about the fantastic, awesome time I had last night. I was going to meet Min Gi at a party with all our friends in Daegu and then he got tickets (with seating!) on a train to Busan that had been sold out the previous day. I was going to meet up with Rebecca (who is back in the ROK) to watch the sun rise on Haeundae beach (it's kind of a tradition in Korea to watch the first sunrise at a beach). I was going to bring my camera and have a fabulous time. It was going to be awesome.

But none of this happened.

What did happen was I awoke from my pre-party nap with my stomach in violent knots. Within 15 minutes, I had stuff coming out both ends and I realized I had food poisoning.

Ok, fine... I'll skip TKD and it'll pass in a couple hours and the rest of the night can still be awesome, I just won't drink... right?

Min Gi called to check on me and I told him about being sick and that I was missing TKD, but I should still be at the party when I said I would. He offered to come over, but I said no, it should be ok.

Two AGONIZING hours later, relief was nowhere in sight and I wasn't able to hold down water. I called Min Gi and Rebecca to tell them the bad news. Min Gi again insisted he should come over, but I said it wasn't a good idea. I was GROSS.

He called again at midnight to ring in the new year together. Around 2 am I was considering caving and telling him to come over and take me to the hospital when I was at last able to keep some water down.

Last night was hell.

This morning I find out that my lunch was not the evil culprit. William had the same symptoms. It was the stupid banana milk we were given as an end of the year snack at work. Evil banana milk.

Sorry if this post was a bit too scatological for your tastes. If it helps, I've decided never to eat again. I'm sure once I feel better, I'll change my mind, but right now the thought of food---'s gross.

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