Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 1 of 15.

Went to work today to give a joint presentation with William to the incoming first-year high school students. We planned most of it last week when classes were being cancelled up and down and all the teachers were just showing movies anyway. It was pretty fun, actually.

I shouldn't brag, but I really love my job. Public schools totally rock over hagwons for break times (though there are other things that I plan to blog about soon that are much more difficult at public schools).

Over January and February, I have to work 15 days total. For nine of these days, I'm being paid a little extra because it is a camp fee (although I have to be at a bus stop at 7:00 a.m. in the bitter cold, so I consider this just compensation). Although only seven of these days are "official" vacation (for which I will be in Hanoi, Vietnam), and I've been asked to do some proofreading/writing for the student paper, I'm generally "free" for a couple months.

This is lovely.

I would spend a few days skiing or just hauling around Korea or even sneak off to Japan or China, but right now I have some personal and financial goals I'm working on. So I'm trying to use my time to my advantage (and not spend too much money). For example, yesterday I met up with my language exchange partner, Sung Mi, for about three hours (she's on a college break and going to America for an internship in March, so she's really keen to study a bunch this break) to study Korean. I'm also cooking again, and remember how much I love it! I'm catching up on books I've meant to read and getting started back on my master's degree stuff.

I hope everyone has as lovely a break as I am having! I won't have much stress again until next Monday when I have to wake ridiculously early to teach English teachers about writing in English. That's a redundant-sounding sentence if I ever heard one.

Stay warm, folks.

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