Sunday, December 21, 2008

Swing, my baby.

Saturday was the closing ceremony at the YMCA for Korean classes. We had a 장기자랑 or talent show. Our teacher insisted that we sing "Nobody" by the Wondergirls; it's this year's "Tell Me." I also broke out the dobok and did the Koryeo poomsae for everybody--though I lost it a bit at the end when I saw the expression on a Chinese gentleman's face (he was in the beginner class) as my foot came too close for his comfort in a side kick. Oops.

I have enjoyed this semester's class, and attending the classes keeps my studying a little structured. Plus it's a great resource for clarifying any questions I have that come up in my daily life here. So even though I will miss three (one for a swing camp in Seoul, two for Vietnam) out of eight classes this winter, I plan to continue the course.

After class, I met Min Gi at the train station because it was the third anniversary party for the Busan swing club, Swing Life. The club for the party was in a rather red-light-ish district of Busan, so we had a hard time finding a place to stay that didn't advertise hookers, but we ended up at a nice little hotel right around the corner from the ballroom.

Turned out this was at the same place as the party for the other Busan swing club in March. About one year after starting to swing dance, I can say that it's really become an important part of my life. I had a fantastic time with people, even if I was too tired to dance all that much. Min Gi won a t-shirt by doing a flip for everyone (ah Koreans and their love of showing off, even as they protest it).

We spent a lazy Sunday morning and then returned to Daegu, where we continued the lazy theme by going to see Australia. I'm a huge Baz Luhrmann and David Gulpilil fan, so I loved it, but it's probably not for everybody. It was sappy and over-the-top in places. Plus I think I've somehow turned really pacifist recently as war scenes in movies make me very angry these days, and this one featured the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese in WWII. I spent a good 30 minutes of the movie fuming about it.

Then Min Gi and I had a lovely talk about the future... after which he was so proud of himself for being "brave" because he'd apparently wanted to talk to me about things for awhile, but had been waiting until we were drinking soju. Koreans have a belief about how if you drink soju, you can tell the truth. But he told the truth without the aid of alcohol. Good for him.

Good for us.

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