Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picking Fights... Clever Boy.

Min Gi's good with people, but I only just realized yesterday that his talent does indeed extend to the way he deals with me. I also managed to figure out why we fight so rarely.

Being in the rotten mood that I was, I started picking a fight about (of all stupid things in the world) the cost of living in Tokyo. This morphed into a diatribe of why I hate big cities and how badly I need to get out of Daegu after another couple years. We were on the phone.

After about two or three minutes of working myself up into righteous indignation, he gently cut me off with a "This is something that it would be better to talk about face to face."

How can I argue with that? He's completely right. Notice how perfect it is, though? He (essentially) tells me what I'm angry about is SO important that we need to be in the same room to fully communicate it. So I can't even be mad about him not talking about it right then.

He's done this before... I realize.

Nine times out of ten when I get like this, it's on the phone, and it's either a need to vent (with a girlfriend) or picking a fight to "test" the person's love for me (with family or a boyfriend--I'm not proud of this quality of mine). I've never had someone handle it so adeptly.

Because he's way too cute to fight with in person, when he asks (and he always does) to talk about it in person next time we meet up, I usually have gotten over the need to pick a fight... so I vent if I need to (which is way better face to face anyhow because then you can get hugs) or address the real issue (not the surface bitch-guard "issue") and feel better and move on.

If he was doing it just to get out of talking about the "tough stuff" it would be a problem, but it's never like that. He always is open to talking about anything.

Just not stuff that makes me angry and likely to get bitchy on the phone. Only in person.

He's a clever, clever man.

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