Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun Chick Lit with Korean Theme.

This weekend, I started (and finished) In Full Bloom, by Caroline Hwang. It's about a young Korean-American assistant at a fashion magazine whose mother has decided that it's time for her to get hitched. Surprisingly (for chick lit), romance is barely present in the text as the main character struggles with complex family issues and an identity crisis of immense proportions. As someone familiar with and interested in Korean culture, that aspect of the novel was fun, but Hwang's style makes it palatable to a more general American audience without sacrificing authenticity. As is typical of chick lit, the plot is a bit ridiculous, but engaging.

Definitely worth picking up.

Also started New Moon, the sequel to the ever-popular Twilight. So far, it is consistent with my previous evaluation of the other novel.


  1. We have a book exchange club down here in Mokpo and I've asked everyone if they've heard of/have this book. No one has. :( So I went online to, the place where we all order our books and it's not in stock or available. :( :( Do you know of any other online bookstores that might have it available? It seems like the perfect gentle yet engaging read I've been looking for after the last few intense books I've read.

  2. I think it was purchased by my friend William in the Kyobo in Daegu. Kyobo should have an online system... have a co-teacher help you order it and it will be about the same as buying it in the store.



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