Friday, December 26, 2008

Fantastic Christmas...Wish I had taken photos!

I ate so much food in the last few days, I'm afraid to look at the scale until the diet gets back to normal. However, it has been a wonderful few days.

Christmas Eve

Min Gi got dressed up in a suit (rare for him) and accompanied me to the EPIK teachers in Daegu dinner--a buffet at a nice wedding hall. I ran into a few people I've met over the last few months in Korea. It was good to see everyone all dolled up and happy.

After dinner, I had plans to meet my good friend Yumiko downtown. Yumiko was one of my best friends in my first six months here before she had to return to Japan to finish her master's degree. She was in town visiting her boyfriend, Jin-oo (yes, they stayed together all these last 10 months they were in different countries... impressive), but did want to catch up with her other friends still in Daegu. It was so nice to see her. And Min Gi got to practice his few phrases of Japanese that he had learned when he was exploring options exporting some kind of product to Japan (he gets lots of interesting business ideas).

I was going to meet up with William and some of our other EPIK friends at a club for dancing, but my tummy was hurting (probably from digesting all that food and drinking all that wine and soju!), but I wasn't really tired, so Min Gi and I went to watch a late night movie at CGV. We watched Yes Man, starring Jim Carey (and he spoke a LOT of Korean in the movie... hahaha... no joke!). I had been given the book by Anne right before I left for Korea and didn't bring it with me, but remember thinking it would have been a fun read. I may have to go check it out now.

We got home pretty late, but I wasn't tired, so I called the family and got to talk to everyone.

Christmas Day

Slept in late (it was delightful). Went downtown a few hours before I was supposed to meet up with people to do some people watching. Ended up reading a new book by my favorite free-lance journalist MP Dunleavey (I've been following her since she used to write a relationship column for some now-defunct women's website), who is actually a close personal friend of Caroline Hwang, whose book I recommended just a few weeks ago... funny coincidences.

At nine, I met some friends at a posh hotel for ANOTHER wonderful holiday buffet. I met Iosha's fiance who is visiting her in Korea for Christmas and some of her co-workers and had a really nice time.

Day After Christmas

Woke up VERY early (4:30 a.m.) to meet Min Gi, Ha Young, and Tim for skiing at a nearby resort for the day. This was my Christmas present to Min Gi, as he doesn't know how to ski. (I love skiing--it is the thing I took from my last relationship along with an appreciation of fine wines that I am very satisfied with.)

In the morning, Ha Young taught Min Gi the basics of standing in skis and how to not kill yourself (or other people) going down a hill, while Tim and I hit some of the intermediate slopes on the top half of the mountain. We chatted about his time in JET and other things. I like Tim; he's from Alaska and a good friend of Min Gi's, but I got to know him better after this trip.

At lunch, we had some problems because we had brought ramyeon cups to avoid paying outrageous prices for lunch, but there was no hot water available (probably to discourage this kind of money-saving tactic... sigh). So we all split a Dominos cheese pizza for lunch and had some of the muffins we bought that morning. Min Gi did get some cheap soup and used the water to make two of the cups of ramyeon, so we were pretty satisfied after lunch.

This time, I decided to teach Min Gi how to turn (because he should be controlling his speed with turns, not just with the wedge) and let Ha Young and Tim run off to the advanced slopes. I had a great time. He learns sports stuff quickly, being so naturally athletic and good natured, and I enjoyed just being out in the freezing cold weather with snow all around.

We made it back to the bus on time and had dinner at a 굴국밥 joint near my house. 굴국밥 is a kind of oyster soup with rice and egg. It's quite delicious.

All in all, a fantastic weekend so far. And with Swing tonight, it should be pretty amazing. :-)

Happy Holidays!

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