Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yesterday I dropped a ton of won.

I woke up on Saturday not 100 percent recovered from my illness, so I skipped Korean class. For the second week in a row. I ought to be shot, really...

Well, I started feeling better a little later, so I decided that I needed to go shopping downtown. First stop was my travel agent where I plunked down my first chunk of major dough for a ticket to Vietnam for February and the fee for arranging my visa. Feeling much lighter, I met Sarah for a lovely lunch followed by pillaging the hiking equipment section of downtown. I purchased new boots at a 20% discount (with GoreTex!) and a good bag for travelling in Vietnam (and other future travels) at a 10% discount plus free hiking socks.

Beautiful New Boots!

Today Min Gi and I tested my new boots (and free socks) on some mountain trails that start right behind my school (Waryong Mountain). We ended up wandering around a lot longer than planned, and I discovered that I have not fully recovered from the cold. Back at the apartment he continued teaching me the intricacies of the Korean card game, Go-Stop. Sometimes referred to as "the Korean poker," Go-Stop is played with 화투 (Hwatu) cards of Japanese origin (called Hanafuda in Japan). Apparently it is now available on yahoo games.

The one hand I won... So exciting!

Anyhow, after warming up, I feel better, although I am not allowed to spend any more money in all of December. This shouldn't be too difficult as I will be locked up in my school preparing a test for applicants to the foreign language high school one weekend with no access to phone or internet.

I look forward to improving my health further and returning to work tomorrow. For finals week. Woohoo!


  1. New boots! How exciting (and they're so cool!). Kenny and I try to hike on the weekends in preparation for our Himalaya trek during our honeymoon. We haven't been in a while. Maybe we could get together and have a hike?

  2. Nice boots! It seems just about everyone I've talked to (or read) today spent waaaaay too much money this weekend. December is going to be a tight month for sure.

    I'm heading to Vietnam in Feb also. Maybe we'll meet up on the trails sometime.

  3. db... that would be lots of fun. I haven't hike much around Seoul... or we could meet up somewhere in Gangwondo. I'm really slow, but I love it!

    Also, I showed Min Gi your video and he was impressed and laughed a lot.

    Really? I'll be in and around Hanoi 2.14-24. Although I will probably take a couple days out and head south on the train to Hoi An and Hue. Let me know if you'll be overlapping there.

    I've gotten lots of tips from friends who've gone there recently and I'm super-excited :-)

  4. I haven't quite finalized my plans yet re: Vietnam but I was considering going the early part of the month. It depends on whether or not I want to do the country hopping thing and pick up Cambodia and/or Laos. I do know that I'll most likely be flying into HCMC because the tickets are cheaper but I have every intention of traveling north while I'm there.

    My friends have been telling me about Vietnam and like you I'm deliriously excited!



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