Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things I watch now that I live in Korea...


1. America's Next Top Model
2. CSI
3. CSI Miami
4. E! Hollywood News
5. Whatever movie is on TV
6. The Biggest Loser
7. Hell's Kitchen
8. Project Runway
9. The Bachelor
10. MTV

... I hate myself.


  1. I, too, live in shame over some of my TV viewing favorites, such as
    1. All Law and Order shows
    2. All BBC mystery series
    3. The nanny
    4. The amazing race (all of them)
    5. All judge shows, like Judge Judy
    6. Hell's Kitchen
    7. All "wedding disaster saved by a wedding planner" shows (and no, its not because I want one of my kids to have a wedding!)

    I think we just have to live with our secret - but widely shared - TV vices. Yours aren't really so bad, darlin'





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