Monday, November 17, 2008

In a funk... and getting out of it.

I've been in a strange funk this last week. I blew off taekwondo and the gym more than usual, have been dragging my feet again about getting stuff done around the house and for grad school, and I've even been mulling over stuff about my relationship that I have no control over and no cause to worry about at this point (stuff like if we stay together, can his mom accept a foreigner? where will we live? etc, etc, and so forth).

Min Gi was a darling about it. He tolerated my moodiness on Sunday admirably. We went to Duryu park in the afternoon, which was nice. There were lots of families and couples walking around and playing and we just talked about lots of things. Then, he had wanted to experiment with some recipes for his future bar (we have this idea about serving western-style sandwiches as they are easy to make if you can get a good bread supplier, but hard to find in and about Korea), which normally would have been a really wonderfully fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but I was in a funk about my kitchen being a mess and too small, so I whined about it. Instead we ordered pizza and watched a movie (my choice) and relaxed. I felt better.

Then, at work, I got the brilliant idea of how to cure my funk: rearrange my furniture. This works wonders. So I came home and hopped right in. And while I was at it, I might as well clean everything, right?

So I went to go clean my kitchen...

And my dishes were done.

I have a wonderful boyfriend and (after three hours of work this evening) a well-arranged, clean apartment. I'm a lucky girl.

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  1. When you return to the states for a visit this coming summer, you should try to sneak in a visit to your Uncle Rob and Aunt Chams. Her Lebanese restaurant is still going great guns (and in Parkersburg, WV of all places!), and if you are really interested in opening a bar/restraurant (one or both of you), I'm sure she would have some useful advice to offer you.

    And dear Diana, worrying about the future is what I taught you when I wasn't looking (my apologies dear) - at least you recognize the futility of it sooner in life than I did (though seeing its uselessness does not release you from its bondage, I am sorry to report). Oh well, there is much hope for you yet!





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