Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This weekend a reliable friend told me a secondhand story about a local bartender, prominent in the foreign scene in Daegu, currently serving time in prison for raping a customer who was too intoxicated to object. I will not publish this information, as I cannot personally attest to its veracity, but if you are interested in the name and bar of the perpetrator, please contact me privately--especially if you live in Daegu. (However, do note that as he is in jail at this time, he is not working at the bar; furthermore the bar owners had no knowledge of this crime, even though it was committed on their property, until the police arrested the man.) I am happy to give information out that could protect more girls in the future.

Speaking of rape, my attention was drawn to this lovely bit of stone-age court shenanigans, reported by The Korea Times. You really must read the full article, but in case you missed the ending of this debacle:

But [the court] gave the [rapists] suspended terms, saying, ``The accused have fostered the girl in her parents' place. Considering her disability, she will also need their care and help in living in the future.''


The Korean court is releasing rapists to care for the 16-year-old disabled girl they were just convicted of raping??!?! Are you serious?

I mean, I know Korea has a long way to go to catch up with the U.S. in its understandings of disabilities, child abuse, and women's rights regarding rape, but this is just disgusting. It's like saying, "Oh gee guys. We know it's rough to raise her, so it wasn't that bad that you raped her."

I'm not really prone to profanity (or multiple punctuation marks), but today, Korea, you've made me want to scream:

WHAT THE FUCK????!!!!????

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  1. I read this article last night. I had to read the "she will also need their care" sentence several times. I kept thinking SURELY I was misreading it!



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