Friday, November 28, 2008

American Holidaze.

I missed Thanksgiving this year because I've been in a foggy, sick haze most of the week. I took two days off work (and on two of them I went to, I got to hear people tell me all day how crappy I look--thanks... just what I need on top of FEELING like crap, people), have been to the doctor twice, pumped myself full of all kinds of interesting medicines, and still am feeling blah. It's weird 'cause I seem to feel a little better after eating and taking the meds, but then a few hours later will experience a new round of coughing/headaches/breathing difficulties/faintness/etc. that makes me get all pessimistic again about recovering. And my brain has been fuzzy pretty consistently, which just tends to piss me off.

Well, now that I've vented a bit about that, I would like to celebrate Thanksgiving on my own by reflecting on what I'm grateful for this year. In many ways, it's been a really tough year--I've lived in another country the whole time and my family (especially my dad) have been dealing with a host of health problems. However, I have so many things to be thankful for:

1. My amazing family. My sister is now in college and growing into the most beautiful young woman I know. I'm so happy she got to visit me in Korea (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and that she is healthy and great. My mother, who got a new job this year and has taken to reading my blog regularly and commenting on it, has become even more open minded and accepting of my oddities as a (less than perfect) daughter. My father, my heart and soul, has a strength and an optimism in the face of great adversity (I am so sorry we don't talk as much as we used to). My brother, Brian, who has had a rough year, needs all the love he can get.

2. My wonderful friends from all over the world.

3. My loving boyfriend, who fits into category #2, but deserves special mention all on his own.

4. My two beautiful cats. Princess: perfect and not too bright; Saja: destructive and curious. Life would not be half so fun without you.

5. All of the amazing people I've met in Korea by doing swing dance and taekwondo.

6. My job is interesting, full of good people (especially the students), rewarding, and not-too-stressful.

7. My health, which other than this week, has been pretty great this last year!

8. Korea, my adopted country, which has given me more than I can ever hope to give it back, despite its flaws and currently crappy exchange rate.

9. America, my homeland, that for once made the right decision about a president, and presses on ever hopeful in times of much hardship and difficulty.

10. The earth, which continues to grow larger and seem smaller every day. I hope we humans learn how to treat you right.

There are more little things, of course, but those are the top 10.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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