Thursday, October 2, 2008

Since when...?

... is modelling part of a teacher's job description???

Yesterday, Mr. Jo (a higher-up English teacher at my school) informed me that I would be photographed today for the school brochures and other publicity materials. Although I'm not thrilled with being photographed because I think I look like a moron in most pictures, I understand that as a foreign teacher and the only white person working at my school, such publicity is, in fact, part of my job. I'm not happy about it, but that is how it works here. Part teacher, part crazy-haired, blue-eyed ambassador of the west. Also, in Korea, they usually don't give you the advance warning or ask permission to use your images, so I agreed.

Then Ms. Suh (my co-teacher and the head of the English department at our school) asked if I was going to wear makeup (I usually don't). I said of course, photos turn out better with a little makeup. Then the whole staff room got super excited, as if my wearing makeup to school were an event worthy of great anticipation and speculation. Many people asked me why I don't wear it and took the opportunity to remark that I'm young and my coloring and skin are still good, so I don't need it as much. Sigh.

I really hate that kind of attention.

I've become very tolerant of this attention to my appearance here. Generally, it's not intended to make me feel bad or anything, I just tend to be rather uncomfortable with getting my picture taken or having people comment on my body, style, and use of cosmetics.

But also, being so far from my family has forced me to be a little less camera shy so that my parents (and you, my blog readers) can follow my adventures from across the globe.

However, this summer I've been slacking a LOT with both blogging and photography. Many things have happened that are very worthy of blogging, and I will be updating you about some of them, but I think for the most part I'll just pick up here, in the middle of my new adventures at Taegu Foreign Language High School, on the new side of town, in my new TKD studio, as the newly elected president of the Swing and People Club in Daegu, and fill you in as I go.

To assist with the updating process, I loaded a few random photos from this summer's various adventures for you to peruse at your leisure. Mostly, they are for Mom who requested more pictures of me and of Min Gi.

Here are the highlights of summer about which I have not updated you and will not turn into their own post:

Here is right after Tricia, Leah, and I tackled GongBi for Ben's goodbye swing performance, tore off his shirt, and forced him into a dress. Doesn't he look pretty? The show itself was awesome. I miss Ben and Tricia tons...

Speaking of modelling, here I am at Haeundae Beach in Busan on a weekend trip I took there with Min Gi. I love the ocean, it always makes me so relaxed... even when it is this insanely crowded.

The week before I went to America, we had a rooftop grillout at An Il Taekwondo with Sa Beom Nim, his family, Samantha and her boyfriend Fraser, Min Gi, and May's Mom (the woman we trained with for a month about a year ago). Here is Sa Beom Nim grilling the meat after we'd already devoured amazing shellfish.

Saying goodbye to my adorable students at Oedae was really hard. Although I prefer teaching high school students and LOVE my new job, I miss these little guys and their general insanity. This is Liam and Cody.

After I moved into my new apartment, Min Gi took to torturing Princess more regularly. She is very tolerant of anything he does to her because she loves him so much. More than she loves me, I think.

To see more, check out the whole album, which includes a few photos from the coffee shop in Jeju island... It's really sad I didn't take more pics there. Blame jet lag:

Random Images from Korean Summer 2008


  1. Wonderful pictures! Both Min Gi and you look really great, darling. Look for my weekend email in a few days.



  2. First off, your cat is GInormous!

    Secondly, I TOTALLY feel you on the promo materials! On two different occassions I was put on video with no makeup and shall we say...culturally insensitive lighting. Basically, I look a hot mess and the school gets to look 'international'. Whatevs...
    High school rocks.



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