Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gayasan; Melodrama.

Fall weather always makes me want to go hiking. A few weeks ago, over Chuseok weekend Min Gi and I tackled 동봉 (Dongbong, or East Peak) at 팔공산 (Palgongsan). I have been to Palgongsan, the largest and most popular mountain in Daegu, several times. Donghwasa is a famous temple there that I visited last fall and winter. I also hiked to Gatbawi with Se Jin in early spring of this year. I hadn't tried Dongbong before. It turned out to be a bit of a rocky, tough climb (2+ hours pretty much straight up), which we followed up by hiking along Skyline (another 2 hours, with rocky climbs straight up and down, in some places requiring the assistance of ropes) to the cable car area of the mountain. I was exhausted, so we ate and took the cable car back down to the base of the mountain.

This happened when I was still anti-camera, so the only pics I took are on my cellphone. However, we had so much fun, we resolved to go hiking at least 2-3 more times this fall.

Friday was a holiday (the last one before Christmas--eek!), so we woke up at 6 a.m. to head out to 가야산 (Gaya Mountain) for the day. Gayasan has Haeinsa, the temple I visited with Kelly in spring, but it also has several peaks with excellent hikes. We ended up tackling the South Peak, which began in an opposite direction from the trek through the temple. We were early enough that we barely saw anyone else on the 2 hour climb up. It was amazing.

At the top Min Gi made friends with guys from his uncle's hometown who know his aunt, a local politician. They offered to take our picture.

He just looks so darn proud! The metal stairs were one of the cooler parts of the climb. You could see all the rocks below you and it was a little disorienting and scary.

The picture of loveliness, of course, dripping with sweat. Min Gi always tells me I'm beautiful when I'm all sweaty and gross. He's so weird.

Some of the views of the other peaks were just breathtaking. The leaves were even just starting to turn, hinting at future brilliant foliage.

After we finished, we found a place nearby to eat 파전 (pajeon, a green onion savory pancake of sorts--way more delicious than it sounds), 버섯 (mushrooms), and 동동주 (yes drinking after hiking is a bit of a tradition...). I got a little tittled and started pretending I was in Korean dramas. This lead to some silliness...

Oh, why? Why?!?

It was a really great day. We headed back to Daegu, exhausted and slept on the bus. Poor Min Gi had to work, but I got to meet Joey and Leah for Indian food and talking about Swing Club leadership stuff. It was amazing. Check out the whole album:


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  1. I would have had a panic attack going up those metal stairs. Heights+Me=Gaaaaaaaah. Well done, Diana Teacher. And Min Gi.

    Yes, we must hang out prior to my departure. We will find a way.



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