Friday, October 24, 2008


It's been a LOOOOOONG week at work (and in life). Not anything terribly interesting, just busy and now tired.

Last weekend, Min Gi and I went hiking at 금오산 (Geumo Mountain) in the nearby city of Gumi.

The climb was really rocky and tough (about four hours if you're a super fast Korean hiker). We didn't make it all the way to the top (my knees kinda crapped out about halfway), but there were lots of cool things to see along the way.

An Ancient Fortress

The view from inside a cave. To climb up this cave, we had to use a chain attached to a very slippery rock and hoist ourselves up a steep clime. Min Gi got scared, poor baby.

A waterfall... well... sort of. Korea's been a little short on rain this season.

I'm so unbearably cute. And the view of the fall colors ain't bad, either.

And the best 버섯전 in the world. No lie.

It was nice just to spend the day with Min Gi. He's so much fun.

Check out the whole album. Lots of pretty colors:
Geumosan (Gumi)

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