Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live from America...

It is very surreal to be here. I nearly cried when I saw the Washington monument... ok... I cried like a little baby. But only because no one was sitting next to me on that flight.

I keep seeing white people and thinking, "Hey, a foreigner! Do I know them?" It's disturbing, so I'm avoiding crowds for the time being. Or at least focusing on the people I do know.

Small talk with strangers was a nice novelty for a little bit, now it's just exhausting being so pleasant and chatty with everyone. And I keep trying to speak Korean to cashiers and people who move my bags by accident and then apologize. And I haven't been crowded on a sidewalk (or even a road where I've been driving) ONCE.

My family is awesome, and it's wonderful to be around them. I keep forgetting to take as many pictures as I wanted to take. I got to see a bunch of friends and eat some great food and I still have two more days! But coherency is escaping me at the moment, so I will just say that I'm glad I'm home and look forward to returning to my other home in a few days.

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