Monday, June 30, 2008

Deoksugung 6.14

Sarah's second day in Korea, we visited two of the five grand palaces in Seoul (I had previously visited Gyeongbukgung with Se Jin in February and fell in love with the statuary on the roofs of the palace structures). The first was a small one, Deoksugung, that we went to before we met up with my Korean family. It was a very beautiful day. Sarah and I had a lot of fun exploring the grounds

Sarah conquers Asia. This one would make Tyra proud.

This is my sister as I see her--it's a side of her few get to see. This is my favorite picture I took on our trip.

I'm not half so photogenic, but the setting was too lovely to pass up as a photo op.

Looking at all the 한자 carved on the palace inspired me about learning Korean again. I learned the characters for a bunch of stuff recently. I'm really getting into thinking about linguistics these days.

Just as we were leaving to meet the Kwons outside, there was a guard change ceremony.

You should absolutely check out the other pictures from this palace--they include an enormous statue of King Sejong (inventor of the Korean alphabet) and beautiful scenery in perfect weather.


And watch out for more about Sarah and my adventures in Korea over the next few weeks!

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