Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sarah's Here!

My sister is visiting, so no updates. Just forgot how much I miss her. We're going around a bunch, and I'm taking tons of photos, so I'll have lots to blog about soon. For now, be freaked out by looking at North Korean soldiers in my album from the DMZ tour we took on Friday:

DMZ (De-militarized Zone)


  1. You both look beautiful and so shiny and bright amidst all the military brown and green. I miss you both.


  2. The other night I saw a t-shirt that read "SKY THE NIGHT", which made me think of you (as a fellow person living in a non-anglophone country). I can't even remotely figure out how that one is supposed to make some kind of sense. I hope you and your sister have a wonderful time.

  3. I hope your sister knows that she's absolutely lovely instead of having the screwy body image that so many American girls and women have...

  4. nice one! hope you both enjoy your time together..:)



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