Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plans? What plans?

This weekend was a three day holiday (the Korean memorial day). I was supposed to go to Japan with Se Jin. And then to Uleongdo, a beautiful island off the east coast. Then a day trip to Oedo, another island. But everything kept getting cancelled. We have bad travel luck.

So I made plans with Min Gi to go hiking. I met him Friday morning, as agreed, but on our way to the mountain mentioned that my friends Kelly and Sarah were at Haeundae Beach in Busan for the day. So Min Gi asked if I wanted to go to Busan instead of hiking. I didn't have any beach stuff on me, but when have I ever let minor details like that stop me from going to the water?

Turned out to be a gorgeous day and a sand art festival.

Beautiful, right?

We had a lovely day, even if Min Gi was late getting back to the bar where he works some nights, Sugar Joe's. With Kelly amusingly chastising Min Gi's smoking, Sarah's beaver blogging, dinner at Hello, Thai (an AWESOME restaurant), and a sprint to catch the train because we arrived at the station five minutes before departure, the day was very memorable.

After this, I met Leah for swing dancing and good times, ended up losing my cell phone and generally feeling a bit crazy, but it was lots of fun.

The next day I was meeting Se Jin to go on a road trip in lieu of our failed plans. We ended up driving out to Yeongcheon to her parents' farm for lunch and then to Pohang, a city on the east coast, to sit on the beach. Then we were so tired we had to go home. But again, the day was lovely for photography, at least in Yeoungcheon. Pohang was a little industrial and polluted for my taste.

Summer blooms

Drying peppers

I didn't want to go out to swing because I was so tired, but I had to find my phone, so I figured I'd head there first. Good idea because my friend Hayoung knew where it was--at Sugar Joe's. I retrieved it quickly, painlessly, and with plenty of time for the last Lindy Hop class Ben was teaching. There were lots of folks out that night, and I wanted to hang out with everyone after dancing, but I was just too damned tired. So I went home.

Sunday morning I cleaned my house--fantastic. Much needed.

Sunday afternoon was the beginner jitterbug class taught by Joe and Lena that I had been massively recruiting for, so I came out to support and offer what help was needed. Min Gi came out--he's going to learn to swing dance. I like this boy more each day! The class went out for dinner afterwards and were caught in the most amazing thunderstorm. So beautiful...

Check out my other pictures from Busan and Yeongcheon:

Busan and Yeongcheon

Overall, a fantastic weekend. More blogging to come. Sarah arrives Thursday--I'm so excited to see my sister!

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