Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best Week. 신기했어요...

I am terribly sorry for keeping you all in the dark, but I have been crazy busy this last week, but it has been AMAZING!!!

First of all, I got my black belt Friday. It has my name on it. 아싸!

The weekend before last, I went to Busan with William and Tristan. He details the events in his blog, so if you wish to know what happened, I won't repeat it here. I had a fantastic, relaxing time, but I was sunburned very badly on my legs. I had to miss taekwondo Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Not as bad as the sun poisoning I got at Martha's Vineyard a few years ago, but bad.

Me, at the beach, pre-burn (photo courtesy William)

I've been doing a bunch of swing dancing. Our club has decided to meet on Tuesday nights for the summer and do some dancing in a park. The first night got rained out, so we ended up at a club nearby. Fun, but I'm looking forward to this week and some outdoor swinging! Then, Saturday night was a big party at the other Daegu swing club, DNA, so a bunch of the people I'd met from Busan and Seoul and other places came out. It was a lot of fun. I had the best dance of my life with a silly man nicknamed Dungi to Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."

Friday night, I pulled a typical Diana boneheaded move and lost my wallet on the subway. Now, if I'd been in the US, I would just have figured I'd never see it again and begun taking steps to minimize the damage, but Korea is a much less crime-oriented country. So I ran around Singi station trying to find it. No luck.

The English-speaking station manager was very kind as he took the report and then Gwen (wonderful woman that she is) loaned me some money, but meanwhile a man had found my wallet and found Samson's business card inside and called him. I got his number to make arrangements to meet and get my wallet back (thank god I learned some Korean, right???) and so it all worked out alright in the end.

Saturday morning I played hooky from Korean class and went hiking at Apsan with Min Gi, a new friend I met about a month ago.

The weather was fantastic, but as you can see behind Min Gi, not conducive to picture taking.

Obscured Daegu, from the mountain.

Fading blooms.

Funny thing was, after hiking, Min Gi agreed to come to swing dance with me (haha... I'm recruiting!), so in between we went to meet the guy who found my wallet at Singi station (신기역), and it turned out to be a friend of Min Gi's! That's when I learned the word 신기하다, which literally translated means to be wondrous or magical, but is used to express surprise at strange coincidences like this one. I love this language...

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  1. Congradulations on passing your test!!!! I knew you could do it. And I think you look mighty hot in the pic at the beach with your cute summer skirt.....beautiful!!



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