Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome back!

After my temporary hiatus from blogging, I have returned to fill your days with amusement in my tales from the hermit kingdom (one of Korea's many nicknames). So, hello once again.

I began Korean language class at the YMCA again on Saturday. They gave us a placement test, which I messed up on, but that's ok because they let me take the "advanced" class anyhow. The class is taught in Korean, and while we are using the Sogang textbooks still, we aren't really following them too closely in my class. William agreed to try the next level up with me, and Gwen joined the class so I know two people in there already.

I really like our teacher. She's not as much fun to drool over as hottie teacher was, but she's animated and breaks things down fairly well. I am the person in the class who has been in Korea the shortest time by about a year (and the only one, I think, whose significant other is not Korean... seeing as how I lack a significant other--I was unclear about whether Keiran(sp?)'s girlfriend was from Korea or New Zealand, as he is), but I understood most of what we did in class, if not always right away. I'm probably the weakest student, but I don't think there's as much of a ridiculous gap between my ability and the next couple people up as there was when I threw myself into "intermediate" last semester--and I managed to catch up there. I'll just have to study a TON.

Gong Bi (a Korean fellow in the swing dance club--his nickname in Korean means "North Korean soldier" because he's so skinny--wrong, right?) has begun teaching a new jitterbug class on Saturday nights. I'm not taking the class since jitterbug is very easy to pick up from practice, but it's been good for the club because lots of new people showed up on Saturday night. There were a few new Korean fellows, two of whom picked up the moves very quickly, so they should be really fun to dance with in about two months (right now they are merely enjoyable). I even ran into Iosha, who I hadn't seen since she quit going to the YMCA class.

It's coming down to the wire in taekwondo. Testing is less than four weeks away. I'm nervous as hell, even as I become more confident with my moves at every practice. It didn't help that a sudden indigestion made me go home early from practice on Monday, but I'm getting there. I'm getting there...

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