Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weekly Update.

I've been so crazy busy with things this last week, but it's been pretty good overall.

Friday evening I met up with Jenny for wine and girltalk at That. She leaves for Australia at the end of this month to study English there for four months! That's very exciting. She's a little nervous, but I know she'll do fine and have so much fun that she'll have a hard time coming home. She gave me a birthday present (too sweet) and encouraged my Korean studies--haha!

On Saturday, class was good. We're studying out of Sogang 2A, starting on lesson 6. On my own, I've made it up through the last lesson of 1B, so I'll need to catch up a bit, but it wasn't that much of a stretch for me to jump into lesson 6. The lessons build on each other as far as vocabulary goes, but only a little bit so for grammar, so I was ok. But the bad news is that my amazing teacher who is energetic and fun is going to Vietnam for a year or two to teach Korean and leaves at the end of this month! Oh no! I'm happy for her and her adventures, but I selfishly wish she'd change her mind so that she can keep teaching our class.

After class and lunch with some classmates and pals, it was off to Seoul for swing dancing. There was this big international workshop/festival for lindy hop going on that Ben, Gong Bi, Leah, and Joey were going to attend and while the workshops were out of my league as far as skill level goes (hey guys, I just started doing this a couple months ago...), there was a party-only option where I could go dancing in the evenings with a live band and all the super-awesome dancers from all over the world. It was a blast.

Sunday I met up with Amanda and Good Man, her friend and blogger "Jennipal", and Jennifer's friend DoYoung. We went to the mega-Kyobo downtown (where we were interviewed by middle schoolers and I found all the study materials I wanted) and then to see cherry blossoms by the Han river. The weather was so incredible, we decided to study Korean by the river (yeah... I'm so cool...).

After that, amazing Indian food and more dancing. It was too late to go back to Daegu Sunday night, so I went back Monday morning and missed taekwondo.

Seoul Swing and Cherry Blossoms

These are the pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

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