Monday, April 21, 2008

Herb Hillz

Herb Hillz is a children's folk-themed playland/petting zoo in Daegu with all kinds of strange and interesting things to gawk at--and of course, photograph. Se Jin and I went here one Saturday afternoon in spring. The blossoming flowers enhanced the surreally chintzy cuteness of the place. Really... I couldn't help but smile at all the cuteness, but as Se Jin pointed out, the "real thing" in Yeongchon is much better.

Welcome to Herb Hillz.

As I admitted freely to a friend who distracted me by waving a Hello, Kitty in my face, I've succumbed to Asia's unique all-consuming brand of CUTE. The girls, the music, the boys, the clothing, the candy, the edible animals, seriously, EVERYTHING here is abysmally, distressingly, overwhelmingly adorable. You in the U.S. of A full of your ironic distance and cool, cynical exteriors cannot fathom the lengths to which Asian countries pursue cute. It is almost an art form.

This seems to have two effects on confused expats who witness layers upon layers of bubble-gum pink clothing on a woman of 35. One is to reject and mock it--to become almost emo in an attempt to distance oneself from the couple-tees and the infantalized sexuality of the pop bands. The other is to embrace and revel in it--to laugh endlessly as you and your friend fight over the last Princess Cat notebook in the stationery store or to find yourself referring to the slender boy with the man-purse in pink and a sparkly tie to match "hot" to the intense befuddlement of your friends fresh off the boat or back home (I swear if you look past the unfortunate fashion sense, he's a great catch). Most of the time I find myself in the latter category. But Herb Hillz is a place so disgusting in its adorability that even I almost developed diabetes of the eyes from the intensity of the sugar-frosted insanity. This place I cannot sufficiently describe for you in words, so pictures will have to manage to speak for me.

Everybody loves a robot. Especially male "anatomically correct" ones (check out the full album for a side view).

More cock. Of course.

Sad monkey.

Cute pigs. How can you be afraid of them? But, alas, Se Jin was...

There were some flowers that were just beautiful--not freakishly cute. But they were hard to notice, surrounded as they were by sugary ridiculousness.

Of course, there was a belly dancing show.

And an animal show. With aliens and faeries. Too bad the lighting was so unfortunate--most of my pictures sucked

For extra insanity (and some beautiful flowers), check out the full album:
Herb Hillz

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