Thursday, April 10, 2008

Election Day Smoothies!

The main downside of working at a hagwon (instead of a public school or a university) in Korea is that you have a lot less vacation time. Sometimes you don't even get the day off for national holidays (although this is in a legal gray area if it's one of the "red" days on the calendar). I was sad because Wednesday was an election day here in Korea and most people were getting off work, but Oedae was going to stay open. However, we got a happy surprise on Monday when Gwen said the other hagwons in the area were closed, so we would be, too! Yay!

Unfortunately, the weather sucked, so I didn't feel in a day-trip excitement mood. Instead I went to Costco to get the makings for fresh fruit smoothies.

You see, Korea has been in strawberry season for the last three weeks or so. It's been amazing. I am eating fresh strawberries almost daily and it has kicked in the urge for fruit, so when my friend Kelly said she was going to do a fruit fast, I thought I'd take up the opportunity to eat more healthy.

I bought a small blender on Tuesday and then Wednesday afternoon ventured out to Costco for plain yogurt, frozen berries, grapefruit. I also found some individual packed nut snacks that were too amazing to pass up and cat litter for the kitty. Then I went back to my house to experiment.

The key to a good fruit smoothie, as I learned from Kelly, is to use plenty of banana as a base. You can add peanut butter to taste if you like. I've made a grapefruit/orange smoothie with orange juice, various strawberry smoothies, and am now sipping on a fresh pineapple smoothie. Yum. What a perfect summer treat!


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I worked at the Oae Dae in Yangsan a couple years ago. I'm now at a hogwan in Ulsan.

    I'm actually heading to Costco tomorrow (yay!)

    I've also been doing the smoothie thing too. I'm obsessed with strawberries blended into OJ.


  2. I've found that smoothies (or other contries' equivalents) are very versatile. I once had one that included apple, avocado, and maybe one other fruit (whatever they had lying around), with a milk base. Very tasty.



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