Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day.

What a delightful holiday. I even made the honors students write up a prank they might pull to celebrate this highly underrated holiday. I was slightly disappointed with their lack of creativity, but ah well. As bloggers go, I thought Zen Kimchi's entry on Amanda took the cake. If you follow Amanda's blog (are an "Afanda" as the article claims), you should definitely read it.

This is my family's favorite holiday. It began small. Dad waking up early enough that us kids weren't thinking and saying, in all seriousness, "Oh my god! Look at that two headed man walking down the street!" Yes, we learned at a young age not to trust anyone in a way that therapy has yet to undo completely... haha!

It evolved over time. Like the time my friend Lindsay and I called my parents pretending to be in the hospital because Lindsay broke her leg (I had been staying over for the night). Or last year when I told my parents I was leaving for Korea, not in August as planned, but NEXT WEEK!

Mom usually gets the brunt of it because she's so darn trusting (not a bad quality at all, but we're horrible and exploit it on the wonderful holiday that was yesterday) Of course, it's hard to punk my dad. He's always got his dander up for April Fool's Day, so direct attacks don't work at all. Unfortunately, he also blatantly misses subtlety. Like the time (senior year of high school) I got my aunt Jeanine's help to buy a pregnancy test to open it up and leave all the packaging in the bathroom and then leave the phone book open on the dining room table with abortion clinic numbers circled. In red. He totally missed it. We had to tell him about it later.

This year, I tried to punk my parents good. I hadn't been blogging for a week and they went to Florida last week to visit my ADORABLE triplet niece and nephews, so I hadn't even spoken to them on the phone. My mom keeps telling me I can't fall in love with a Korean man and stay here forever, so of course, that's what I was going to tell them--that I met someone amazing and would be with them forever!

Last night, I called them at work (them being 13 hours behind me). Dad did pause, but he laughed eventually. Mom's work number had changed so I couldn't get through. I was very disappointed.

I tried to squeeze it in before midnight their time by calling after TKD, but Dad had already stolen my joke. Sarah was about as "fooled" as he was, but Mom apparently flipped out! I wish I'd seen it...

There are weird times living abroad you "miss" home--I mean everyone understands and expects Christmas and stuff, but when you can't be there for someone's "leaving DC" party or something happens that only your best friend or sister would fully appreciate, it can hit you pretty hard. Stuff that people here don't always get why you're sad about it, even though I imagine they have to experience the same thing...

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  1. ohh april fools day...what a day! i didnt hear about the pregnancy thing! thats AMAZING! umm i remeber one year, i turned on the bathtub early in the morning, and screamed and threw n' my basketball(sounded like i fell) mum was freaking OUTTT! she was like ernie go to the bathroom go! she fell!!! and he came in with his eyes close! like omg are you okay!>??!wht happend...i laughed,THE END.



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