Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Recap.

미안해요. 요즘 너무 바빴어요. 그래서 요기 쓸 수 없었어요. 하지만, 다시 매일 써요. Sorry. These days I've been too busy. So I couldn't write here. But I'll write everyday again. The grammar on that was probably horrible, but as you can tell, I'm back in the Korean studying saddle.

I have almost 200 photos from this weekend to sort through, so the parts of the weekend that involved picture taking, I will discuss in a post later this week. However, before I crash from my weekend with three hours of sleep in a jjimjilbang in Busan, I wanted to let you know what I've been up to for the last five days or so.

Yumiko left for Japan. It was very sad. It didn't really hit me until late on Wednesday night after her goodbye party was over. I stayed out dancing too late with swing club folks I ran into on the downtown streets and ended up with very sore legs in taekwondo for the next two days.

The uni and elementary students start school Monday, so Samantha and I will go back to training together just the two of us. I'll miss them. They were lots of fun. I wish I'd taken more time to talk with each one, but I'm sure I'll see them again someday. On Thursday we played relay games, I think as a way of saying goodbye. It was very silly.

Friday night I met with Jenny, a former teacher at Oedae, and a young man she might be seeing romantically (she hasn't decided). It was good to catch up and since her friend didn't speak English, I tried to speak Korean as often as I could. We had a lot of fun. Hopefully, we can catch up again before she heads out to Australia for her TESOL certificate.

Saturday, Kirsty and I met Amanda at The Holy Grill for her goodbye to Korea brunch. She looked fantastic. I wished her the best of luck returning to Canada. We went shopping after and Kirsty modeled this ridiculously offensive hat for a photo to prevent me from buying it:

Bumper to Bump Her on the Three Way.

After that, I met Swing and People (my swing club) to head over to Busan for the Busan Swing Club's anniversary party. It was amazing. I will write a post about the party and after party later this week. Also, we detoured two temples and those were where I took lots of pictures, including the new blog profile pic. I'll have another post with the highlights from each. I love Busan.

Sunday, we returned and Sarah and I met up with Kelly downtown for dinner, girltalk, and wine. A perfect ending to a fantastic weekend. I even had pictures of David Beckham waiting for me in my inbox (he played in Seoul and Gwen, Samantha, and Samson went to see the game). How unexpected and lovely.

And with that, I bid you adieu and tell you that I'm back, baby!


  1. 요름? 실수했어요? 아마...요즘?

  2. glad to have you back. you look great with your hair all wild and frizzy, like on carrie's new york star column picture.

    back at school now. you see, it's 8:22am and i'm wide awake.

    let's do something soon.

  3. amanda... it was 2 am. but you're right. 내실수... thanks. ^^

    william, thanks. I think I looked prettier in the other picture, but this one's got personality. Or am I watching to much ANTN again?



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