Thursday, March 13, 2008

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In my sick haze on Tuesday morning, I deleted Sa Beom Nim's phone number from my handphone. So when I got an unidentified call to my handphone, and I called back (while on the subway mind you), I was only a little surprised when a man answered in Korean (translations are approximate--my Korean was quite broken and terrible and I'm not even going to try to recreate the actual Korean dialogue here).



"Diana? This is Sa Beom Nim."

"Oh! Hello."

"How is your cold?"

"It's ok now."

"Good. Tomorrow we can't have taekwondo."

"Really? Why?"

"I have a seminar."

"Oh. Ok."

"Please tell Samantha. And we can have taekwondo on Saturday. What time would you like to have it?"

Here's where I started to get flustered because I can't figure out how to say, I need to ask Samantha about the time. "Ok. Samantha together talking. Saturday time--I don't know. Tomorrow talking. I need to talk to Samantha."

"No, not tomorrow. Friday."

"Oh, oh. Yes, ok. Friday. I'm sorry." I notice all the other Koreans on the subway are staring at me at this point. Because I'm speaking loud, bad, broken Korean and turning bright red.

"It's ok. I will see you Friday."

"Yeah. Have a good night."

"Go well."

"You, too!"


Since TKD was cancelled this morning, I had a few hours to gather all my documents together and submit my taxes for 2007. I'm getting a nice big fat return. This happens when they tax you as if you're working for the whole year and then you psych them out and only work half (at least in your home country). I love technology. I can file taxes from halfway around the globe in just a few hours. That's amazing.


Last night I let my inner dork hang out and went out to play Dungeons and Dragons after work. I really like the dynamic of the group. It's very laid back and silly, but most of the people have enough experience role playing that we're not constantly having to look stuff up in the rule book so play runs very smoothly. Unfortunately, it's also located on the other side of the city, so the cab fare is gonna add up quickly. I'd really like to continue playing, but I'll have to decide if the expense is worth it. It might be as I've been less and less interested in adventuring downtown since I've begun swing dancing. I still like walking around during the day and looking at all the cool, fun stuff to buy and hanging out in coffee shops and such, but the actual evening barhopping/clubbing just isn't that enjoyable and can get to be expensive quickly if you're not careful!


I'm going to Japan in June for three days! I'm so unbelievably excited... you should have seen the giddiness that was me yesterday when it was confirmed.

And I've now inspired both of my siblings to apply for their passports. Sarah just got hers, and Brian filled out his form but will probably wait until pay day to send it in ('cause of the fee). I'm so pleased.


  1. The time I kept telling Master "my monkey hurts," I was on the phone on the subway.

    And I thought they were looking at me funny cause I was speaking Korean...

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