Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gatbawi and Random Weekend

As usual, I had an amazing weekend (I think the universal theme of my fabulous weekends is that I'm involved--isn't my modesty impressive?). I know the posts where I list what I did and where I went aren't the most interesting, but this one will include pictures and commentary, so it should be at least tolerable, so I highly encourage you to continue reading.

I had the last class of the winter vacation session at the YMCA on Saturday morning. I've decided that I am definitely going to try the advanced conversation class next semester, so I really need to crack the books on my Korean studies for the next couple weeks. I'm sure it'll be over my head at first, but I've done that before. I just hope I don't piss off the teacher and other students too much initially.

After that, I had plans to meet Song, the newest teacher at Oedae, for lunch and a movie downtown, but we kept missing each other, and I didn't have her cellphone number, so I gave up. It turned out ok because I had a lovely lunch with Laura and Kirsty. After that, I headed to Kyobo to chill and read before the big 1940s themed swing party downtown, but I kept running into people I knew, including one of Se Jin's sisters with her kids--and Se Jin was about to join her!

Yes, I really did my hair in five minutes while sitting in a Starbucks in Kyobo...

As you could probably infer from my flirtations entry yesterday, the swing party was amazing. One day I'll pause long enough from dancing myself to take pictures... One day.

The next day I went to church with Se Jin and her family and then we went hiking to Gatbawi, a famous Buddhist statue (with a hat!) on the top of a mountain. The hike is the hardest I've done in Korea. Apparently there was another path to the top that involved stairs (we took it on the way down) but the climb up we took was all rock scrambling straight up. Some places even had ropes set up for our use because it was a little too difficult without assistance.

Se Jin, being her goofy self.

Another wasp's nest on a temple out near Palgongsan. Isn't my camera awesome?

Anyhow, the top of the mountain with the actual statue was beyond excessively crowded. So many people were praying for health and other things. It was overwhelming and smelled like incense, though the view was spectacular.

See? I told you he has a hat!!!

Take a gander at the whole album to get a sense of how awesome the weather was and to see more pictures of my adorable Korean niece and nephew:

Gatbawi and Random Weekend

After hiking, we had dinner and coffee downtown. My legs felt like they were going to fall off of my body at this point, but I still met Sarah and Kelly for wine and cheese, which would have been the perfect ending to a beautiful weekend if I hadn't been in a kind of bitchy mood for no reason whatsoever.

I need to chill out--stress is getting to me. I was sick today because of all the stress. So a-templing this weekend I will go. It will be fantastic, I'm sure.

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  1. climbing gatbawi is intense. it's like a never-ending rock staircase. it is evil. but you feel so accomplished afterwards, right? right? did you get free monk's food at the top of the mountain?



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