Monday, March 10, 2008


Apparently, I now understand enough Korean to know when my taxicab driver is lecturing me about how I'll never have children because I am a full 28 (Korean age) years old and have neither boyfriend nor husband. Thanks, Mr. Taxicab man for not only driving like an ass but making me feel like shit.

I went in search of the word for "picky" in Korean so that when taxicab drivers ask me (as they inevitably do), "왜 남자 친구 없어요? Why no boyfriend?" I can tell them that I'm just waiting on Mr. Better-Than-Current-Options to start pumping out the babies (which I clearly can't have after another year or two of singledom, so I better move quick, right?). Gwen led me to "눈 높이" which translates to "high eyes." It's my new favorite expression in Korean.


The rounds of wedding invitations are pouring in. It must be spring. Ah... wedding invitations. I have such a love/hate relationship with them. So beautiful and so ugly at the same time.

And somehow this weekend I got jointly appointed to a Korean gal's bachelorette party committee (she's a lovely swing dancer marrying a western guy who also swings, and I will be joining his D&D group this week). How exactly does one go about hiring a male stripper in Korea? Do I even want to see male strippers in Korea? I mean, in America I find them kind of repugnant... and usually gay. How does this happen to me?

That said, I'm beyond thrilled for James and Katie who will marry in April and Kirsty and Gil who will marry in August. I intend to celebrate both unions quite thoroughly.


Despite the ongoing jokes about my obsession with attractive Korean boys amongst my foreign friends here, I've really only like-liked one. That was up until this weekend. One of the fellows I thought was cute from the Busan swing club made it out to Daegu for the swing party here on Saturday. And even seeing Se Hyun (which I did both on Saturday AND Sunday) didn't deter me from developing feelings for the guy Leah and I referred to as "Smiley" until we learned his "real" nickname. Although Smiley seems more fitting and it will at this time be my blog name for him.

I got a little tipsy on soju, which seemed to make me think I was much better at speaking Korean than I really am, because I started walking around and plopping myself down with all the other swing club people to chat. It was lots of fun, but I'm such a goofball. I ended up telling him I thought he was handsome in Korean. After that he asked me to dance a bunch of times and was rather flirty back. I noticed I really liked him because I got so nervous dancing with him, I started sucking. I think I elbowed him in the face once, but we both laughed about it.

I got a phone number. There will be some text messaging in my future.


Perhaps it's spring.


  1. I ask Koreans I meet why they don't have boyfriends and girlfriends. It's my twisted way of getting back at the taxi drivers.

  2. what is his 'real' nickname? i'm curious. is it something sexual and dirrty? cuz that's hot, diana.

  3. Amanda,

    You're so naughty!


    It's a shortened version of his Korean name--윤. Not particularly hot. But he's cute and beefy. :-)



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