Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day?

I've been off adventuring about Korea for Lunar New Year, and I have much that I will post about in the coming days (including many many pictures, yay!), but one of the things I've been able to observe a lot of over the last few days was courting and relationship behavior. In light of the upcoming romantic holiday, I'd like to offer some advice to singles and random observations about love...

1) If the police are called to restrain your boyfriend from beating the crap out of you in front of 70-odd people, don't get back together with him the next day. I don't care if he was "just drunk." You're asking to be a front page news story.

2) Matching clothes is not the same thing as love. Really. I promise.

3) Hanging all over one guy then the next then the next may make you feel really hot, but guys (even the ones who sleep with you) think you're trashy. So do I. Sorry... I'm just judgemental about some things...

4) Guys... when you go for the trashy girls (see above), the others observing you think you suck. So don't go wondering later why you only ever seem to end up with "psychos." Observe your own behavior first, please.

5) When you're sharing a room with 6 other people you don't know that well, please manage to go ONE FREAKING NIGHT without having sex. Please. It's really not that hard.

Now for sleep. Stay tuned for updates!!!


  1. Upcoming holiday? Holidays. Valentine's day is women to men. White day is men to women. Black day is singles eating jajangmyeon.

    You've got THREE months of these holidays coming up.



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