Thursday, February 21, 2008

This blog's negative space.

William and I sit at a coffee shop downtown. I am waxing poetic on the sad state of dating for foreign women in Korea, a favorite topic of mine.

"I guess it's not so bad," I admit. "I did have a date last weekend."

"Yeah? Korean guy?"

"Of course."


"It didn't go so well." William stares. He doesn't need to say that this explanation is insufficient. "Ok, so he really likes hip hop culture. I mean, of course he does. We met at a dance club."


I look down. "Maybe."

"That's disgusting."

"I know."

"Go on."

"He kept talking excitedly about 'black people' or 'black guys.' Like how he saw a fight at Frog and it was between two 'black guys,' only adding later that they were American soldiers. It was said in admirable tones and all... but there's only so much 'I'm from a homogeneous society'-isms I can look past, you know?"

"Why don't you blog about this stuff? It's amusing."

"I don't know. It's a little humiliating. And there are other things I hold back. Like all that stuff I just told you about..."


  1. All that stuff.


  2. Hey a question about clubs. I went to "bubble" last week and thought it was grimy, small, and an exact duplicate of a frat house. To tell you the truth, I was kind of expecting a hip, trendy place that plays good music like the ones in the Korean dramas or the places I've gone in big cities. Is there a club like that in downtown Daegu? Thanks for your help.


  3. Amanda,

    What can I say? I'm a tease...


    Hm... the three main hip hop clubs I've been to are Bubble, Monkey, and Frog, all on club street.

    Bubble plays angry music and is good after soldier curfew. Before that it sucks. And it does have a frat house feel.

    Monkey is a dirty, dirty place, but they play the best music and have the most room to dance, but still is a club-y atmosphere. I've heard Monkey is also connected to the gay scene in Daegu and I'd believe it because there are always so many more guys there than girls, but it makes it fun to dance.

    Frog is crowded, especially Friday and Saturday just before curfew, and the atmosphere/music vary widely depending on the night. I usually enjoy my time there, but they've taken to not even giving you water that's not in a bottle (meaning you have to pay for it) so I sometimes don't go there on principle. You should be able to get water in a dance club. Shoosh.

    The hip hop scene in Daegu is generally grungy (for Korea) and tends to attract US soldiers (hence my comments about different moods before and after curfew). There are a couple clubs on the same street I haven't gone to yet, like Retro, but I've not heard anyone say anything positive about them.

    Closest to what you're looking for: Frog on an "off" night (like a Wednesday).

    Hope that helps.

  4. i went 'g2' which is on a street off of club street, and it's multileveled. the dancefloor is large and horrociously crowded. the music is a mix of pop and hip hop. it's very straight, and very very korean.

    i like monkey best because their music is pretty predictable. everything before 1am is poppy. 1am-3am is heavy hip hop. 3am to closing is their mix of heavy pop and k-pop. diana, i have not heard of this gay connection to monkey. i shall explore!

  5. there are black people in Korea!? YES! SIIKE let me stop, caaaant wait to go clubbing! i lovee how im gonna loose my clubbing virginity in Korea...kinda rediculous!



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