Thursday, January 31, 2008

Intensives Over...

I feel rather drained and exhausted. Not that intensives were particularly difficult, but my schedule was all out of whack. Maybe now my life in Korea can go back to studying Korean, doing daily taekwondo, writing a bunch, and sharing the insanity with you in a more regular fashion...

A few days ago I met some friends (Laura and Yumiko) at the apartment of Mi Kyeong, a public school teacher originally from Seoul who knows Laura from English camp and Yumiko from graduate school. Mi Kyeong likes wine a lot, but most Koreans do not know or care how to appreciate fine wines. Hell, most red wine here is served chilled (yes, I did nearly shit bricks when I ordered a glass of cab and found it at the same temperature I usually would a chardonnay). Anyhow, she and Yumiko visited Jejudo a few weeks ago. Yumiko told her I would appreciate wine, so the three of us gathered at her apartment for delicious food.

Veggie wraps in Vietnamese rice paper... Yum!

Then we broke out some cheese and a few bottles of wine. It was awesome.

It's hard to get good cheese in Korea. Yes... that is sliced, processed cheese in the mix.

Finally, the pièce de résistance--a 2002 bordeaux blend from Chateau Talbot. Mi Kyeong said she got it in a duty free shop for about $100. My god was it amazing.

Can you see the legs? Maybe...

That's the best bottle of wine I've had in a good year and a half. And yes, we ate processed cheese with it. Reminded me of that scene in Sideways where he drinks the awesome bottle with greasy diner food from a plastic cup.

Great food. Amazing wine. Wonderful friends.

I remain, as ever, blessed in my life here. Cheers!


  1. you seem to have a friend by the name of 'kelly rae' and i've read a few of her posts on her blog. she seems to be completely white and westerners vs easterners and quite condescending towards anything korean. you should tell her to leave the country if she finds it so beneath her. i thought i'd vent on your post instead of hers, because it's more passive-aggressive that way.

    plus, happy korean new year! doing something special with your korean foster parents?

    i believe i will never get used to the taste of wine. i find the taste of wine vulgar. you white people from the west are so weird.

  2. William, I have no idea where you get that from Kelly... She's actually quite awesome and open minded and loves it here.

    Whatever, though. A blog's a blog. A person's a different matter entirely.

    And I'm hanging out with my sister, but we're chilling with other white folks for this holiday--going skiing.

    How's Seoul?

  3. i was wrong to judge her so quickly. i'm sure she's a fine fine person. my mind was...altered when i wrote that last comment.

    the tell me video is genius. consider that song a phenomenon, like ricky martin or pokemon, or beanie babies. all ridiculous, but iconic.

    back in daegu now. i am so tired and cold. i turned on my boiler and my room was 10 degrees celsius. the bf and i went to e-mart to buy an electric warming mattress.

    happy holidays and see you soon!



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