Sunday, February 3, 2008

I love my body...

But I haven't been nice to it the last few days.

I've been terrified of (and yet anxious to) get back into the daily taekwondo routine after a month of working out only twice a week with the kiddies. On Thursday, Sa Beom Nim said that Monday we'd start at 11. So of course to prepare for the shock to my body I seemed to think that the best thing to do would be to go swing dancing Saturday night for 3 hours, then out to a hip hop club for a few more hours of dancing, get home at 4 a.m. and then go skiing at the biggest resort in Korea at 8 a.m. on Sunday. Because I am a GENIUS... right?

All of those things were fun (and of course I could blog about them for your amusement), but I'm currently high from taekwondo and cooking delicious tofu fried rice (yay I have time for these things again!) so I will write about practice.

Samantha's in the Philippenes visiting family (lucky girl), so I thought it was going to be just a private lesson, but a few of the older kids from my 6 p.m. class and a few of the black belt university students from Samantha's 9 p.m. class were there for morning workout. Sa Beom Nim said something (it was in Korean, so I only understand snippets) about how during vacation they can come work out at the time Samantha and I normally do, but that they must be on time (the uni students were 10 minutes late and we had to run laps while they warmed up. Grr. I hate running!).

That's cool because if they come daily, I'll get to know some of them a little more and feel the routine of the class. Plus with the particular students who were there, the workout was harder than it has been. Wow--it was intense. My legs feel like jelly right now. And I'm so tired. So very tired.

One boy got in trouble for dancing and so Sa Beom Nim made him get up in front of the class and do the ENTIRE "Tell Me" dance from the Wondergirls, a Korean pop band. The rest of the class was cracking up the whole time. I was probably laughing the hardest, but only because as I watched him, I realized I knew most of the choreography and could probably do it at this point. This makes me sad.

Warning: This is truly awful, but it is a huge part of life in Korea:

At the end of class, we practiced poomsae again. It was awesome. I think I almost have the fifth form down. I really want to get it right and get my next belt so I can start learning something new. One of my goals is to get my black belt this year. That will be awesome.

Being back in my routine feels fantastic, even if this week is still kind of off because of Lunar New Year (yay skiing and no work Wed-Sun!). I want to get back in the healthy groove, and I think it'll be easier than I thought.

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  1. OMG!!! I need to post that video on my blog just torture my family and friends :P Thanks Diana! See ya Wednesday!



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