Friday, February 22, 2008

Halfway Point.

I've been in Korea for six months, as of today.

It seems both longer and shorter. It's hard to believe I've only been doing taekwondo and speaking Korean (and drooling over hot Korean men) for six months. It sounds like such a short time for things that have become such an important and integral part of my daily life. I don't think I've gone through so many profound changes in such a short period of time since puberty.

Yet so many things still feel so new and unfamiliar here. I feel like I just got here, just began learning about this strange and elusive country. And when I think of America, I assume it's just being preserved in some kind of permanent August 2007 time capsule and that whenever I do come back everything will be the same. I know that can't be true. I know that things can change back home just as much in six months as I have.

I know it. Logically. But I can't feel it. So I don't believe it.

People have said reverse culture shock is harder. I have little doubt this will be true because I won't even be able to comfort myself with the fact that I'm doing something fabulous and awesome and highly unique and making people back home super jealous (yes, my brain resorts to petty jealousy sometimes to make me feel better).

So now what?

Now what, indeed...


  1. now you're gonna try getting yourself a boyfriend and blog about dating various korean men. durh.

  2. The most bothersome "hole" in my life in the US after we returned from Ecuador was the music...I had completely missed the emergency of some new musicians and new music trends and others had fallen through some crack in time that I could never understand. It was as if I could never quite catch up with the music changes, even after I had been back a long time. You will find the US didn't just stay in mid-2007, but what it will mean most to you is something you haven't even guessed about yet - more of life's mysteries.


  3. william,

    Any suggestions on where to look? ;-)


    Yeah... I was never that "up" on music anyhow, so whatever. But I think there will be strange things that just never feel quite the same that I have no way of anticipating. And I kind of realized that when I was writing.

  4. since you're the avid reader of candace bushnell...what does she have to say about finding men?

    um...cult meetings?

  5. One of the weirdest things for me after I got back from Guinea was walking around DC and seeing lots of people talking aloud with no evident audience but dressed in suits. They were talking to themselves, but didn't look crazy. Turns out earbuds had become widespread while I was away.

    I think being aware of and prepared for culture shock helps a little.



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