Thursday, February 14, 2008

Books and Clothes

Why isn't the spell checker on blogger working? It's annoying the crap out of me. Sorry if there are more errors than usual in my meanderings...

In keeping with my highly anti-social nature this week, I've been reading tons of books. I finished Sophie's World, by Jostein Gaardner for the book club that will meet this Sunday. I read half or more of it in high school for Mr. Donaldson's Origins of Science class and remembered loving it back then, but I had to turn it back in before I'd finished it and never bothered to check it out again until the book club gave me an excuse to do so. It drags a little in places, but it's a fantastic story that also provides a great overview of the history of Western philosophy (and occasional references to Eastern traditions). I have lots to think about now.

Next, I read Anne Tyler's Digging to America, the story of an unlikely friendship between two families in Baltimore who meet when they pick up their adopted Korean babies from the same plane. Apparently Tyler's won a Pulitzer Prize but I'd not heard of her before picking up this novel from the book swap. It was good, but it really made me homesick for all kinds of things--Maryland, my blended family, my Lebanese aunt, love. I suppose that's a good sign for a book. I recommend it.

Now, I'm finishing up Won-bok Rhie's Korea Unmasked, a comic nonfiction about the history and character of Korean people by a well known cartoonist. It's fascinating. Although it's just one guy's perspective, it is helping me to understand some of the seemingly illogical things about this place that I deal with every day, like the reason why Koreans feel the need to belong to every group possible. Plus it has cute, funny cartoons. I like the cartoons.


My family is the best. In keeping with a long-established Valentine's tradition, Mom sent me pretty things to wear. I have dresses and tops in bright colors now! This makes me very happy. Too bad I'm being all anti-social. I need an excuse to wear them.

Maybe I'll wear one for swing dance on Saturday. Sounds like a fine excuse.

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