Sunday, February 17, 2008

Black and Blue.

My feet hurt this morning, even before I got to taekwondo. After book club, I headed to Babalu for salsa dancing with Meg and Kirsty. I ended up dancing a bunch and staying out way later than I intended to in shoes that are not right for dancing because I hadn't planned on doing so. Well, the blisters (or "water houses" 물집, as they are called in Korean) on my feet made walking a bit painful.

But still, I met Samantha for taekwondo this morning.

After we changed, one of the uni students (Noah) was waiting to use the changing room. Two more showed up during warm ups (and got yelled at by Sa Beom Nim for being late), so it was half regular practice, half watching/trying to keep up with the flying death machines/uni student black belts. I've gotten so used to surprises at taekwondo that it didn't even phase me. And then Samantha and I won the unannounced, unofficial yelling competition when we were practicing kicks with the mitts. So there!

But oh, practice. Between it being Monday, keeping up with young ridiculously athletic men, and my blisters this was a rough one. I fell hard once trying to do this flying kick thing that was way over my level (and then went back to doing normal kicks) so I think I'm going to have a nasty bruise later on my left ankle. Even my toes hurt, dammit.

It's good. I can't even explain it. Six months ago, a fall like that, missing a kick, landing stupidly, not being able to do what it seems everyone else can do easily, would have defeated me. Just like in dancing and skiing, I feel myself trying, recovering, laughing through the pain and the (at one time far worse) humiliation of a screw up. Something about living here where even communication is hard, studying this difficult sport and language, pushing myself to try new things, silencing that stupid judgmental voice in my head that used to torture me so has been good for me.

Great for me, actually.

At the end of class, Sa Beom Nim started teaching us the next poomsae form, which for me is 6장. It's a little tricky because it's the first one with a lot of backward movement (before it's been side to side and forward), but I think it's going to be fun to learn. Wednesday I get my new belt--blue! And Sa Beom Nim starts teaching us sparring (which has been the main thing our training's been lacking because it was a private lesson).

I'm rather excited. Even if I'm limping a little on my way to work today.


  1. Congrats on the soon to be new belt! I'm so excited for you! I'm still in the frustrating beginner's phase so I know exactly how you felt six months ago :P If your feet are still hurting, you need to pop the blisters and drain the liquid and (get this) soaking your feet in tea for twenty minutes will not only help ease the pain, it will help heal those blisters. Have a good week!

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