Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekendery. 다시 많이 바빴어요. (Very busy again.)

I hate to do one of those lists of things I did this weekend posts with little concern about format, audience, details, or insights, but I'm kind of too tired to put much more effort into it and I want to record some of these details before they escape my memories into the insanity of intensive classes in the upcoming week.

* I drank a crapload of coffee Friday night and stayed up until 4 a.m. cleaning my apartment. It's still not done.

* I decided to do the YMCA class after all. The cute teacher wasn't there, but he's coming back--assah! I got essentially a private tutoring session with the assistant teacher because no one else from intermediate showed up. It was actually pretty cool.

* I brought my cat carrier downtown before class for Kelly who's fostering some pets and was going to pick them up on Saturday. She got two! I want to visit them.

* I was introduced to the game Settlers of Catan on Saturday afternoon. It was fantastic. Such phrases as "I need your wood. What can I give you for it?" were frequently uttered.

* Sarah came home from Down Under and brought me yummy things. She met me for swing dancing class downtown. A friend of mine, Ben, who is involved with the Korean swing club is teaching it. He's lots of fun and so was the class. I'm definitely going back!

* Not enough guys showed up for swing dancing (this happens sometimes), so Sarah and I went downtown to meet Rebecca (yes, everyone has a blog here) for dinner at the Indian place I adore, Rama and Bavana. We ordered a bottle of wine. (This may or may not have led to some decisions about staying out later than I intended. I may or may not have ended up at a noraebang with Ben and some of the swing club members. And then the 24 hour Kimbap Chunguk for cheese ddokbokki before Rebecca and I headed home--at 5 a.m. Again. It may have been fantastic.)

* I met Se Jin at 1 p.m. Sunday for hiking around Palgongsan. I will post more about this tomorrow when I upload the pictures. It was lots of fun. Afterwards, we went downtown for dinner, coffee, and girltalk.

I will update more when I have the energy for wit and insight. Or at least cool pictures.

On a side note, my little brother is 25 as of Friday. That's insane. And awesome. Happy birthday, Brian!

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