Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taekwondo Kiddies.

This month my schedule is a little crazy. I work at the time my TKD lesson normally meets, but I have this big chunk of free time Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I've been going just two times a week to the 6 p.m. class. The other students in my class range in age from kindergarten to upper elementary school (maybe one or two are middle school students, but I kind of doubt it). At first we were confused by each other, but after four practices I've come to accept the insanity. It's kind of fun to play with them.

The first day, I was a little nervous about changing so I did so too quickly and accidentally put my pants on backwards. One kind little il poom (like first level black belt for kids under 16--they have red and black striped belts) approached me and whispered "Pagi dwero. Pants backwards" and pointed. I thanked him and fixed them quickly, although I think I frightened the crap out of the boy I walked in on in the changing room. Oops.

I've been slightly less of an idiot since that first day. But only slightly.

It's a little hard not going everyday because the kids don't get used to me as quickly. And Sa Beom Nim yelled at the black belt boys who weren't really trying during kicking drills by comparing them to me who has only studied for five months and is a foreigner. I was both proud and embarrassed at the same time.

There's a boy who studies at Oedae (he's not my student) who is in my class. His English name is Mike and he's cute as can be (actually too cute to discipline properly sometimes), but definitely a bit of a troublemaker. He had taken to saying, "Excellent!" all the time at Oeadae, but in taekwondo class he wouldn't do it. But he gets in trouble with Sa Beom Nim constantly. It's pretty hilarious. He's got the same color belt as I do (purple).

There's also a new white belt--this tiny little girl who is adorable and utterly fascinated with me.

Se Beom Nim is awesome. I'm impressed by the controlled chaos that is TKD class. Everyone does different things at different times based on their TKD level and fitness level and he manages them all very well--not easy with crazy little ones.

I really should be doing some extra workouts to keep up my level, but I'm such a lazy bum when it's cold outside. Especially since I've been craving so much chocolate lately... Ah well.

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  1. The part about being compared reminded me of something that happens sometimes in class that makes me laugh.

    Sometimes Master will say something multiple times and one of the kids just isn't paying attention. He's say, "Don't you speak Korean?" to them and I can't help but laugh because I've understood everything he's said.



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