Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Squeezing in a Post for the New Year...

I just got home to a freezing cold house and mildly irritated kitty. But after cuddles and food and turning the heat on, she seems to be ready to forgive me soon. I had a fantastic time in Seoul, but I have too many things to do right now to give full attention that such a post merits. Instead, I will post some general resolutions/reflections for 2008 that I feel like sharing before they vanish into the forgotten recesses of my brain. Plus posting makes me more accountable.

Health: Resume taekwondo study and efforts for healthy eating. Consider running.
Money: Spend only on those things that really matter to you. Save for those things worth saving for.
Writing: Keep at it. Send it out--really.
Academia: Do what is necessary to finish your Master's. Don't keep it hanging over your head anymore.
Volunteering: Just do it.
Spiritual: Find your wonder again.
Intellectual: Read more and study Korean (or something else that strikes your fancy).
Love: Continue to refuse to settle while remaining open to possibility.
Friendships/Family: Remember that whole vow you made about not letting too much time pass between times where you let all the people you love in the world know how much you love them. (Speaking of which, did I tell you I love you today? I do!)

The reality is that 2007 has been a year of rather dramatic changes for me, of pursuing long-held goals. The ongoing progress I've made (which I've recorded lots about here) makes New Year's resolutions kind of redundant. I'm living every day now (ok, ALMOST every day) like one for improving and searching and resolving to be better. The difference is that putting these plans into action has become a habit. I'm still not where I'd like to be for any of these areas of my life... but I'm making progress in all of them. And I know I'll get there one day if I just keep at it.

I think maybe it's the knowing they are possible to achieve them that makes such a huge difference in the process of attaining goals. Without such confidence, we are afraid to try.

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