Monday, January 7, 2008

By this time...

My good friends from high school, Micah and Jennifer, should be married. To each other. All of my high school buddies are in St. Bart's. I'm thrilled and jealous as hell all at the same time (for both the lack of love and of St. Bart's). Though I don't believe Micah and Jen read my blog, I send them warm, happy, fuzzy wishes.

And another friend got engaged this weekend. Facebook told me so. I'm so happy for her, but it felt like a weird violation of etiquette to find out in such a manner.

Facebook is a funny thing, really... almost as funny as marriage. Really, though, marriage is a lot funnier. In Korean I turned 28 this week (I thought it went by lunar new years, but apparently, it goes by calendar years). That sounds a lot older than I was at this time last year. I remember last year being the first year where I wouldn't say "wow they're so young" if I heard people of my age were marrying. Twenty eight is old enough not to be "so young" when having babies. That's a terrifying thought.

How many more people will get married in the next five years? How many more times will I have to think about the things I'm really not interested in thinking about right now? Why are friends' weddings so bittersweet for the perpetually single?


  1. Facebook is nuts in that aspect, especially if you are ending a relationship. But still, it's the quickest way to spread news if someone is lacking email addresses, and is close to going over texts/minutes for the month already :-P

  2. It was pretty awesome, I just think Emily Post might be rolling over in her grave. It's like gossip taken to a whole new level thanks to the high speeds of telecommunications.

    Congrats, you! Good news should be shared.

  3. I think it's lunar OR solar depending on your religion and/or lack thereof and/or family traditions.

    Gym Guy doesn't even know his actual birthday. And my coteacher celebrates her LUNAR birthday every year but her daughter goes by the SOLAR day.

    Good Man, sneak that he is, tries to celebrate FOUR times. His birthday is the 17th, but his aunt got the day wrong and registered him as the 18th. So he tries to celebrate on his two solar AND lunar birthdays!

  4. Amanda, Those sneaky menfolk!!!



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