Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why do I always do these things to myself?

I was at school this morning at 8:30 a.m.

You heard me right. After leaving last night at 11 p.m.

Why? you might ask yourself, especially if you didn't know me back in the states.

I pin it all down to the tendency I have to try to do everything that sounds even remotely interesting to me (which is a lot of things), being a horrible procrastinator and yet an obnoxious perfectionist at the same time, and just plain being nuts. You see, awhile ago, I agreed to do the English language newsletter for Oedae because I've done the publications stuff before, and I like (actually, I LOVE) working with student writing. No problem, right?

Well, the only desktop publishing software we have at work is MS Publisher, which I've not used before. This normally wouldn't be a problem... except I'm in Korea. So everything is IN KOREAN!!! And while some of you have been impressed with my ever expanding knowledge of the Korean language, let me assure you that I am nowhere near the proficiency required to understand complex software instructions. So in addition to all the normal editorial duties associated with compiling a newspaper, I've also been learning a new software in what is, to me, essentially gibberish. It's taken awhile. I've snuck in moments here and there at work, but usually when I'm at work, I'm working. Or someone else is on the computer.

Finally, I decided to just kick this paper's butt. And so I told Samson I'm skipping the professional development seminar, but that I'd come in early to finish the paper.

And so I did.

Well, it's almost done. I have a couple more things to finish up on the first and last pages, including my article/message for the opening of the paper. I was going to kill two birds with one stone and compose it as my blog entry for today, but I thought I'd contextualize it for your consumption first. Aren't I generous?

Here we go:

Welcome to the second edition of Oedae Times. Fall is a season of changes, and this fall brought changes to Oedae Academy. We have two new foreign teachers, Samantha teacher from Canada (see page 8 to learn more about her) and me, Diana teacher from the United States. We have welcomed many new students. We had our biggest Halloween party yet! It has been very exciting.

It is hard to believe I've been here just a little over three months. I feel so grateful for all the experiences I've had in Korea so far. I love learning more about Korea everyday and teaching my students about the English language and American culture. When I write home to my family about studying taekwondo or share my pictures from Chuseok in Yeongchon with them, they understand why I feel so happy with my life here in Korea.

While Gwen teacher is visiting her family in America, I have filled in as editor for this English-language newspaper. We received so many wonderful submissions from students at all levels that we didn't have room for all of them here. I have tried to select pieces that demonstrate the skills and creativity of students at all levels of English study here at Oedae. I am so proud of all the writing you see here. I hope you enjoy reading the stories and essays printed on these pages. It represents some of the excellent work from the students at Oedae in Ansim.

Diana E.

If there is room leftover, I may add some more details, but this is probably enough.

Ah, PR. Gotta love it.


  1. I think its great. Do we get a copy of the paper (is it in Korean?)?



  2. I would capitalize "teacher" after names (Diana Teacher) because it's being used as a title, like "Miss Smith" or whatever.

    Also, you may want to look into downloading some open-source, totally free software that acts much like Word and is IN ENGLISH. Um...I can't remember the name, but the extension is .odt if you want to Google that.

  3. Thanks Mom! I'll send one home with your Christmas presents and you can hang it on the fridge ;-)

    Amanda, Yeah--I fixed that. Oops.

    And OpenOffice (which I have) covers word, excel & ppt, but not publisher (unfortunately). Publishing stuff has all these fancy fun tools I love so good.

    But Samson's happy with the whole thing, so that's a relief. Time for the weekend!

  4. So it sounds like you are becoming me while I'm away. hehe.

  5. Can I start calling you Diana Teacher?

  6. Gwen-- Maybe only a little.

    Eli--Why not?



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