Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Taekwondo.

I love Saturday taekwondo. It's a more relaxed atmosphere, for some reason. Sa Beom Nim cancelled class on Thursday this week, so Samantha and I went today after Korean class. It's nice to see Eric and his brother running around the studio. And Sa Beom Nim's wife is so sweet. She cheered us on after our pomsae work. After class we had green tea and chatted about weekend plans. It was a refreshingly pleasant experience after the last few weeks of crazy downtown shenanigans.

Korean class today was pretty good. I asked our teacher how to write "Good luck on your test" in Korean. He taught me "시험 잘 치세요," which translates literally to "please hit well on the test." After class, I sent a text message to someone.

Many people were absent and one girl left early, so it ended up being just William and me. It was nice to get to know him a little better. We went to lunch after class and talked about hot Korean men (like our teacher, who we still can't figure out which way he swings). I miss regularly chatting with gay men. There is something about it that's highly refreshing--like girl talk with less estrogen or something.

Tonight, I'm headed out for salsa dancing and then tomorrow, if it's not raining, I'm going hiking with Se Jin. The hike we have picked out sounds pretty tough, so wish me luck (or at least that I hit well, right?)!


  1. "Somone?" You texted "someone?"

    Hey, did you get your 100 words today? I've got to do that...hmmm...

    (BTW, now I can't enter my web address?)

  2. Yeah. Someone...

    I tried earlier, but maybe they're on another time zone because there is no option for December batches.

    And I don't know what's up with blogger. I'll check if my settings changed or anything.

  3. They're on Eastern time zone. But you're right. I just checked and it's not up yet. Oh well, I've written mine. And now I will wait...

  4. Hi!
    I was surfing through Nablopomo and arrived on yours. My hometown is GwangJu,KR. Recently this blogging have become my hobby. So
    I drop the note here. Have a great Korean adventure. Thank you.

  5. Haha. Does the "chi da" (sorry, no Korean on this computer) really translate to "to hit" in the infinitive "shi hum eul chi da"?

    "Chi da" on its own is the verb "to hit" or "to strike", but I thought "shi hum eul chi da" just meant "to take a test." If it actually is the verb "to hit" in there, that's hilarious.

  6. The Korean teacher said it was the same verb. It makes sense if you overthink it, which of course, I have...

    I guess it's one of those colloquialisms that doesn't translate perfectly. Like "he swims like a beer bottle," and other such delights.



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