Monday, December 17, 2007

Please Borrow My Husband.

We have a new Korean teacher at Oedae. She introduced herself as Song Teacher and was reading Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose in Korean, so of course I instantly approve of her. However, after yesterday, she must think we are all a little insane. Apparently the crazy from the weekend carried over in my attitude and the other teachers were a little loopy, too.

I have nicknamed my camera (you know, the love of my life) my 남편 (nampyeon), which means husband in Korean. See, you think I'm joking. If only a man could make me as happy as my 남편. Or chocolate (aka 남편 #2). Maybe one day a guy will be lucky enough to land a distant third.

Anyhow, this led to some hilarity.

Jenny started it. "Oh really, can I borrow your 남편? Just for the night?"

"I want to borrow him, too," Se Jin pipes in.

This is turning into a cat fight, so I try to calm the situation down. "Oh, ladies, there is enough of my 남편 to go around."

Jenny insists. "Yeah, but I want him first!"

And so on.

Then Jenny sent me a text last night, but I only got it this morning: 다이애나 남편 너무 멋져요^^ 빨리 빌려 주세요 농담 ^^ 좋은밤 보네세요. [Roughly, badly translated by me without a dictionary] Diana's husband is too handsome. Please let me borrow him quickly. Joke! Have a good night. (The ^^ are the Korean :-) )

So I wrote her back that she's too funny (in Korean). Oh the insanity, the random, the beauty.

Poor Song.

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