Monday, December 10, 2007

My family is awesome.

Christmas stuff is everywhere. When we put up the tree at Oedae, I started moaning "I miss my parents!" in Korean. Mostly to be cute, of course, but seriously, the holidays can be rough on any single gal and harder still when she's far away from her homeland. But my mom and sister decided to combat any possible feelings of missing them I might be having, courtesy the postal service.

My mom gets really into these craft projects sometimes and makes all kinds of strange and cute things. Yesterday, I got a Christmas package from her that included a stuffed Christmas tree that she and Sarah made for me.

Yes, a STUFFED tree. You can hug it.

And about four tons of stocking gifts that she meant for me to open one each day.

Princess, of course, was fascinated.

She's one cute Christmas feline!

And of course, being the impatient gal that I am, I had my own little ceremony last night. Christmas can totally be December 10th, right? This is the aftermath...



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