Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I meant to be productive...

This morning TKD was cancelled and I totally meant to wake up early and get all this stuff done. But of course, I stayed up late playing around on Facebook (if you want to see the pictures from my Gyeongju trip off of Se Jin's camera like the one that is my new blog pic at the right of your screen, go here), and kind of hoping an e-mail I sent last night would be returned. I had some fascinating dreams though, so I guess not all was lost. It's the first time my friends from Korea showed up in my subconscious. I don't know exactly what that means, but I think it's good.

As a final note, I would just like to comment on my frustrations with trying to be flirty and subtle in a foreign language. I have a hard enough trying to do it in English and here I have to go trying to write in Korean to a boy I like.

I'm an idiot.


  1. Sometimes being flirty stupid/making mistakes in a second language reallllly does come across better. I know it sounds weird, but it works.

    Ask me how I know this...

  2. So, how do you know this? ;-)

    And if you're curious, here is our e-mail exchange so far:

    Me: 안녕 하세요!

    어제 이메일 보냈어요, 하지만 세진언니 이메일 읽을 수 없어요, 그래서, 다시 보내요. 미안해요!

    사진들 있어요: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/storysinger81/GyeongjuAdventure

    사진들 볼 수 있어요?


    Him: 안녕! 다이애나^^
    사진 잘봤어..^^ 사진이 참 예뻐요. 전부!
    다이애나의 사진을 보며 잠시 평화로움을 느꼈어...
    좋은 사진 잘 감상했어^^ 고마워요! ㅋㅋ


    Me: Hello again (안녕하세요)!

    감사합니다. 세훈오빠의 이메일을 받은후에 저는 정말 행복했어요!
    사진 찍기 좋아해요. 하지만 오빠기 너무 친절해요. 전 잘 못 해요.

    이번 주말 뭐 할 거예요? 다시 보고 싶어요.
    아마도 토요일에 같이 저녁 식사할 수 있어요?

    (재 한국어 나쁘면 미안해요,,, ㅋ ㅋ)


    Oh, 샬롬 = Shalom... ?

    (And when you and Good Man stop laughing at my Korean, you'll see that I was a hell of a lot more forward than I'd be in English, pretty much out of necessity of my lack of language skillz...)

  3. :)

    Sorry for butting in. I don't know korean.

  4. Unrelated to this post, I'd like to say that you look really great in your new intro picture. The one before was cute too, but this one really is awesome!

  5. :) That was awesome! HOLY CRAP I wish I'd been that good at Korean when I'd only been here four months or whatever. DAMN, girl. You make ME want to study. MUST study...no, really. MUST study.

    I really hope he answers.

    And yeah, you DO have to be forward, I know.

  6. BTW, you call him 오빠! Ha ha ha!

    It must be loooooooooveeeeee.

  7. Mat,

    It's cool. I didn't know any Korean about 5 months ago. Basic summary: I sent him pics from our trip to Gyeongju, he complimented the hell out of them (which is cool because photography is one of his hobbies), then I wrote him back and asked him out for Saturday.

    I'm normally not that forward with guys, but Korean men seem intimidated about asking foreign women out most of the time, so if I want any dates over here, I gotta be a little more bold. :)

    Sadly, still no answer as of this morning...

    Wandering Girl,

    Thanks! (The guy I'm talking about in this post took it... sigh...)


    I pick up written langauges pretty quickly, but my speaking sucks ass. I need to get some language partners for conversation practice.

    Plus I have the whole staff room at school helping me out when I ask them. They're really cool people! I'm so lucky.

  8. Oh yeah... and I know the whole 오빠 thing... but what else am I supposed to call a male friend who is three years older than me?

  9. I don't know. The only male friend older than me is Master, and he's married, and although his wife and I get along, I don't dare call him Oppa. Oh, I think Sung Hyun's older than me, but he's Jenny's Oppa.

    All of the other men I've met here in South Korea have been younger than me. And I kick them if they call my Nuna.



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