Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Homemade Kimchi and Sick People.

I love Sa Beom Nim.

After missing two days of training, he sent me a text message last night. Although I only understand part of it, it said something about my body being sick and hurry to get better and fighting. It was very sweet.

Then today he seemed very happy to see me (but he seems that way every day, to be fair). He took it easy on us. At some point he called Samantha and I "sick people" in Korean, which I felt wasn't really a fair assessment, but figured I wasn't really understanding the context.

After class he gave us green tea and we chatted. I tried to explain that in America and Canada we were not sick people, but that Korea is different--different germs. I was unsuccessful, but then he came up with his own theory. He said that in Korea, most people have family to take care of them when they are sick, so they get better quickly, but that Samantha and Diana are alone, so it is harder for us. I think there may be some truth to that.

Then he gave us these cute little stuffed pigs for cellphone decor (a uniquely Korean phenomenon that is very strange--you attach something like a key chain to your cellphone to bling it up, so to speak). He explained that it's the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar (Samantha figured that one out).

Finally, he made kimchi on Sunday and gave us each a large tupperware container full of it. Yay! It's frightening how much I've taken to this stuff. I don't eat it for breakfast... yet.

I've been sleeping on the floor the last few days because it's warmer... Maybe I am turning Korean.


  1. It's the year of the GOLDEN pig! That only happens every 400 years (I think).

    Glad you're feeling a bit better.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better. Kimchi's deelish, eh? Have you tried a lot of different kinds? Do you have a favourite?

  3. Cell phone charms are taking off in the States too, but they get stuck in my hair, especially when I wear it curly. Mine didn't last very long :-P

  4. Amanda--

    That would explain the abundance of Golden Pigs everywhere. I was wondering... And btw, now blogger isn't even sending me e-mail notifications for non-blogger comments. How screwy is that? I'm gonna complain.


    I like radish kimchi and cucumber kimchi. I suck that stuff down like there ain't no tomorrow.


    Ha ha. Cell phone bling. Gotta love it. So completely pointless...

  5. I slept on the floor last winter, too! Also, you can take that fan-shaped heater into the bathroom. I showered all winter with it sitting atop the washing machine, pointed at me. I thought it might be dangerous, but I never had any problems, and it warmed up that freezing bathroom considerably!

  6. Jane... I've totally considered doing that. That's hilarious!

    Mr. Yu also put up all this plastic stuff on the windows to help keep out the winter chill. It feels like I'm living in a greenhouse, but I must say it's warmer.

    Thankfully, there is long underwear. I love that stuff!

  7. Yep, he put that plastic up for me last year, too....

    Definitely put the heater on the washing machine. it makes all the difference!



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