Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fashion Sense?

I've been slowly allowing the Korean notion of fashion (at least the one where you dress up nice most of the time) to seep into my wardrobe. First wearing my hair down, jewelry, and makeup most of the time... Then the coat... Then a purse instead of the backpack... Then a cute hat/scarves... And finally last night, I bought my first pair of long boots in Korea (after my book club meeting, of course). Although you can't see them fully because I'm wearing jeans over them, you can see how cute I've become. This was taken in front of the store where I bought the shoes.

Are you scared yet?

The funny thing is that no matter how girly cutesy I get here, I will never, ever come close to matching Korean women in this department... Never. I'm not sure it's possible to do. But maybe Korea is changing me a little at a time... in strange and interesting ways.

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