Thursday, November 15, 2007

We're back!

When I got home last night, the thermometer said I was over 100. This morning, I'm fine. In between there was a lot of moaning and sweating and wishing for miracles and angry cats because I forgot to feed her until I got up again at 2 am... Remind me not to blog while sick again, please. It's pretty bad.

So that's the bad news. The wonderful news is that at taekwondo today, Sa Beom Nim gave us our belt tests and kindly (against all ordinary tradition) told us we passed and that we'll get our new belts on Monday! Rocking! I was, quite frankly, a little sick of pink.

Speaking of pink, though, I've almost finished Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell--the book that started the the amazing TV series and will soon have a movie come out. It's very interesting to see the creative process at work, especially given the recent Writer's Guild of America strikes. Bushnell is a fantastic, lively essayist with an ear for dialogue and a knack for being at all the right parties in New York during the 90s to get some bizarre and awesome material. I've been really enjoying reading her work and the glimpse into the very tiny Manhattan subculture of those possessing the privileges (and burdens/responsibilities, although most of them recklessly choose to ignore this side of things) of power, beauty, and wealth.

But the tv writers turned it into a heartwarming show about female friendship that relates to way more than just the ego-maniacal, self-centered, sex-crazed New York "elite." The show's appeal to the masses has less to do with its New York setting and loose morals and more to do with the evolving and powerful friendships between the four main characters as they look for love in a city that is decidedly "too cool" for romance. That takes some skill. And sounds like a dream job to me, still.

I need to get serious on the sending out my writing thing. It's like... the worst thing that will happen is that it gets rejected and remains unpublished, which is what's happening now anyways!

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